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Sports Specific Injuries

Common Shoulder Problems

Shoulder Replacement Surgeries


This is also called Shoulder Arthroplasty, which is an option when the shoulder joint pain deters performing the daily activities and other treatments don’t bring relief. Usually, in a Shoulder Replacement surgery, the doctor replaces the ends of the damaged Humerus and scapula bones of the shoulder joint or caps them with plastic or metal and plastic and then the components are held in place with cement.

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Shoulder Sports Injury

Sport injuries are painful and can even be the end of a good sportsperson’s career, if not treated. No matter which sport or the way the injury was caused, the treatment and the time is usually same for all sports.

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Walking is an essential aspect to keep us fit. But, most of us cannot do even such a simple exercise. The reason behind the inability is Knee pain.

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