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A person's quality of life can be greatly impacted by the disabling nature of shoulder arthritis. Dr. Banarji B. H., one of the top orthopedic surgeons at Sakra World Hospital in Bengaluru, has plenty of experience treating shoulder arthritis and assisting patients in regaining their ability to move and feeling less pain. To clarify this widespread yet sometimes misdiagnosed illness, we will ex...[+] ReadMore
Revolutionizing Carpal tunnel - 2024 2024 and Beyond: Transforming Carpal Tunnel Management Next-Generation Solutions: Redefining Carpal Tunnel Care for 2024Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common worry for many in the digital age. Typing, swiping, and scrolling are common tasks. This disorder can have a major impact on everyday tasks and quality of life. It is chara...[+] ReadMore
The world of sports has been scripting history that narrates power, passion and the impeccable capabilities of women over the past few years. From dominating the basketball court to conquering cricket, women athletes are showcasing their prowess like never before. However, amidst all the triumphs, lies a silent struggle that often goes unnoticed – shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries in f...[+] ReadMore
Shoulder pain is a prevalent health concern among the old population, often leading to decreased mobility, impaired quality of life, and increased healthcare utilization. While there are various reasons why seniors may experience shoulder discomfort, one underlying cause stands out as the primary culprit. As people get older the bones and joints start to wear down. In such cases, ...[+] ReadMore
We're all in awe when we see the swift movement of a tennis player's arm, the artistic strokes of a painter creating a wonder, right? From slamming keys in a 9-5 job to performing daily chores, you give in a lot physically. What connects these seemingly unrelated activities is the intricate network of tendons, muscles, and joints that make our daily tasks possible. This delicate balance is disr...[+] ReadMore
It is evident that poor posture leads to spinal problems and puts an undue strain on the back muscles. Similarly, repeated or sustained poor postures can also cause pain in your shoulder. Shoulder impingement is one of the common shoulder condition which causes pain with reaching movements and changes in the motion of the shoulder. ...[+] ReadMore
Most often, a rotator cuff tear is treated with nonsurgical methods. However, in some situations, surgery is the best treatment. Sometimes surgery is recommended immediately after an injury or in cases where all other nonsurgical treatment options have failed. ...[+] ReadMore

Switch the shoulder drift again

Posted On 01-01-2020
An injury in the shoulder that causes the upper arm bone to pop out of the socket at the shoulder joint is considered as dislocation of the shoulder. It could either be partial or complete dislocation and based on this, the pain and instability vary. Sports injuries, falls, and accidents can lead to dislocation of the shoulder. ...[+] ReadMore
Surrounding the human shoulder joint and keeping the arm bone, firmly in the socket of shoulder, is a group of muscles and tendons, that are, collectively called the 'rotator cuff.'Injuries to the rotator cuff most often occurs in people who have to perform repeated overhead movement of their arms; like cricketers, tennis and basket ball players , ca...[+] ReadMore
The shoulder is the most flexible joint which is made of several tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Shoulder gives the strength for all the maneuvers performed by the arm ranging from writing to weight lifting. Shoulder pain is a common conditi...[+] ReadMore
With increasing age, the shoulders will be more susceptible to injury and pain. Most people don't think about their shoulders until they experience severe pain in them. Shoulder pain can even make simple activities like brushing your hair or grabbing something, difficult and painful. Shoulder pain can either occur due to injury or as a side effect of some other prob...[+] ReadMore
You might have heard your athlete friend complain about constant shoulder pain. Well, he could have been suffering from a rotator cuff tear. It is one of the most common conditions experienced by athletes and sports people. A rotator cuff is basically a collection of four muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. The main objective of the rotator cuff is to firmly position the head of...[+] ReadMore
Rotator cuff tear The muscles and ligaments in the rotator cuff set perhaps injured in a diversity of ways. Injury can take place from a fall or accident, throwing a ball or lifting, or from regular deterioration of the muscle and ligament that might happen by means of aging. A total rip creates unfeasible for the motion of the...[+] ReadMore
Overview of treatment options for rotator cuff tendinitis Shoulder impingement syndrome (also known as subacromial impingement, painful arc syndrome or Rotator Cuff Tendinitis) is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. This results from the repetitive compression or "impingement" of rotator cuff between the upper ...[+] ReadMore

Say Goodbye To Shoulder Pain

Posted On 14-05-2018
Living in pain for years and years and having a wretched life ruin the spirit of each person. It is always advisable to be fit and fiddle so that a pleasant journey without worries on health is in line for you all. Nowadays, many complaints about shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are heard. But the complainants, apart from voicing out their pathetic condition, do not pay attention t...[+] ReadMore

Frozen shoulder....Let it go.....

Posted On 19-11-2018
Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a shoulder condition that limits your vary of motion. Once the tissues in your Shoulder joint become thicker and tighter, scar tissue develops over time. Main Signs and Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder  Stiffness in and around the shoulder  Muscle, joint and bone pain in and around the shoulders or ar...[+] ReadMore
Walking is an essential aspect to keep us fit. But, most of us cannot do even such a simple exercise. The reason behind the inability is Knee pain. Knee pain is commonly experienced by elders due to the degeneration, injury, and arthritis. When the basic treatments fail to give a painless life, then the patient is advised with a knee replacement s...[+] ReadMore

Replacing Joints, Restoring Lives

Posted On 11-01-2018
Walking is an essential aspect to keep us fit. But, most of us cannot do even such a simple exercise. Knee pain can be a barrier to your daily activities. Other than degeneration and injury, Arthritis is the most common cause of knee pain among the elderly population. When the basic treatments fail to give a painless life, then the patient is advised with a ...[+] ReadMore
Arthritis the statistics The world arthritis foundation has pegged about 50 million adult populations to be affected by some kind of arthriti...[+] ReadMore

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Last one year I was suffering from acute shoulder pain on my left shoulder. I went to several doctors, but not diagnosed.

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