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Shoulder Arthritis: Types, Symptoms & Treatment

Posted On 21-05-2024

A person's quality of life can be greatly impacted by the disabling nature of shoulder arthritis. Dr. Banarji B. H., one of the top orthopedic surgeons at Sakra World Hospital in Bengaluru, has plenty of experience treating shoulder arthritis and assisting patients in regaining their ability to move and feeling less pain. To clarify this widespread yet sometimes misdiagnosed illness, we will examine the many forms, signs, and available treatments for shoulder arthritis in this post.

Arthritis of the shoulder joint includes a variety of conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. Though each variety has different symptoms and difficulties, they can all result in shoulder pain, stiffness, and restricted range of motion. To properly manage shoulder arthritis and enhance the patient's quality of life, it is imperative to comprehend the symptoms and available treatment choices.


Types of Shoulder Arthritis:

Osteoarthritis: The most common type of arthritis is brought on by weakening of the shoulder joint's cartilage. It usually occurs more frequently in older persons and develops gradually over time.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation of the synovium, the lining of the joint. If treatment is not received, multiple joints in the body, including the shoulder, may become twisted and impaired.

Post-Traumatic Arthritis: This type of arthritis arises following a shoulder injury, such as a fracture or dislocation. Over time, joint trauma-induced cartilage degradation may give rise to symptoms of arthritis.

Symptoms of Shoulder Arthritis:

● Shoulder joint pain that could get worse with movement or exercise.
● Stiffness and restricted range of motion, making day-to-day activities challenging.
● Pain and swelling surrounding the shoulder joint.
● Feelings in the shoulder that click or grind when moving.
● Loss of function and weakening of the shoulder muscles affected.

Treatment Options:

Medications: Painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) can help reduce shoulder arthritis discomfort and inflammation. Injections of corticosteroids may be suggested in certain situations to offer transient relief.
Physical Therapy: A well-crafted exercise regimen can improve shoulder joint strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Physical therapy can help patients with pain management as well as teach them proper body mechanics and ways to prevent further joint damage.

Lifestyle Modifications:Adjusting one's lifestyle to include things like keeping a healthy weight, avoiding activities that aggravate shoulder discomfort, and adopting ergonomic tools can help manage symptoms and enhance joint health in general.

Surgical Interventions: Surgical options may be considered if conservative therapy is unable to relieve the patient's symptoms. Dr. Banarji B. H. is an expert in using modern surgical methods, such as joint preservation therapies, shoulder arthroscopy, and replacement surgery, to treat shoulder arthritis.

A person's quality of life can be greatly impacted by the disabling nature of shoulder arthritis. On the other hand, people with shoulder arthritis may benefit from increased function and pain alleviation with the right diagnosis and care. Dr. Banarji B. H. is the best orthopedic surgeon at Sakra World Hospital in Bengaluru, and he is committed to giving patients with shoulder arthritis compassionate and comprehensive treatment. He is a reliable partner in the search for ideal shoulder health because of his expertise in advanced surgical procedures and dedication to patient-centered treatment. Don't wait to get an assessment and treatment from a licensed orthopedic specialist like Dr. Banarji B H if you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of shoulder arthritis.

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