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How poor posture contributes to shoulder joint problems?

Posted On 30-01-2021

It is evident that poor posture leads to spinal problems and puts an undue strain on the back muscles. Similarly, repeated or sustained poor postures can also cause pain in your shoulder. Shoulder impingement is one of the common shoulder condition which causes pain with reaching movements and changes in the motion of the shoulder.

Bad posture can strain your neck and shoulder and may lead to back pain & joint damage. The shoulder & back muscles affect the position of the spine, neck, and shoulder blades. These muscles are weaker than those in the front usually because of prolonged sitting, extended use of computers & phones, sedentary lifestyle, etc. This imbalance & its impact on posture keep the rotator cuff from working effectively. Changes in posture also affect the way our body moves. It can affect the positioning of the shoulder blade, efficiency of the shoulder muscles & their strength to work together.

Why does posture matter with shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is significantly associated with posture. Changes in posture also can change the way we move & use our body. Our posture can affect:
- Positioning of the shoulder blade
- The ability of the muscles to work together
- The efficiency of the muscles of the shoulder
- Positioning of the arm as it raises
- Space available at the shoulder for movement

How can you improve posture & get rid of shoulder joint pain?

Poor habits often caused trouble for your shoulder. Hence knowledge of positioning & changing posture frequently can be extremely useful. If you have difficulties with posture, it is recommended to seek professional help to gain motion, strength & knowledge.

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Last one year I was suffering from acute shoulder pain on my left shoulder. I went to several doctors, but not diagnosed.

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