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Make your every footstep a pain-free

Posted On 17-01-2018

Walking is an essential aspect to keep us fit. But, most of us cannot do even such a simple exercise. The reason behind the inability is Knee pain. Knee pain is commonly experienced by elders due to the degeneration, injury, and arthritis. When the basic treatments fail to give a painless life, then the patient is advised with a knee replacement surgery. This surgery is also called as Arthroplasty.

Usually, in a Knee Replacement Surgery, the orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged bone and cartilage of the knee joint, replaces them with a metal, polymers or hard plastic prosthesis. The surgery will aid in pain reduction and improve the knee functionality.

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Baby Das

Last one year I was suffering from acute shoulder pain on my left shoulder. I went to several doctors, but not diagnosed.

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