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What are the symptoms and causes of rotator cuff injury?

Posted On 13-11-2019

Surrounding the human shoulder joint and keeping the arm bone, firmly in the socket of shoulder, is a group of muscles and tendons, that are, collectively called the 'rotator cuff.'Injuries to the rotator cuff most often occurs in people who have to perform repeated overhead movement of their arms; like cricketers, tennis and basket ball players , carpenters and painters.Age is also an important factor.

Rotator cuff injury
A persistent and dull ache deep inside the shoulder; inability to sleep when turned on to the aching side; difficulty in reaching above/behind the head; sudden weakness in the arm, that was not there before are some of the obvious symptoms.This may be due to substantial injury to the shoulder or simple wear and tear of the muscles and tendons. As said earlier, any person involved in activities that involve repeated overhead movement or lifting heavy weights, risks injury to the rotator cuff. Genetic factors may also be involved, though it is not very sure.

One complication with this injury is that, without proper and timely treatment, it may lead to degeneration of the shoulder joint and total loss of motion of the arm. Ironically, keeping the shoulder immobilized can lead to the shoulder getting "locked up."

For an injury caused by repeated motion, lack of motion during recovery can also be bad. Most of us exercise the muscles in the front part of our body. But, it is also very important to exercise and strengthen the muscles in the back of the shoulder and blade for maximum muscle balance.

If you are at risk or suffering from this injury, it would be advisable to seek to advise of a doctor and physical therapist, and plan a suitable treatment and exercise schedule.

Blog reviewed by: Dr. Banarji B.H
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Last one year I was suffering from acute shoulder pain on my left shoulder. I went to several doctors, but not diagnosed.

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