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The Ultimate Revelation of Arthritis

Posted On 22-10-2018

Arthritis the statistics

The world arthritis foundation has pegged about 50 million adult populations to be affected by some kind of arthritis, worldwide. About 3 lakh cases of arthritis in children have been reported as well.

Arthritis though found in both men and women, are increasingly found in women. One of the leading causes of disability, it is becoming increasingly popular in people irrespective of race, sex, class or creed.

Understanding arthritis

Arthritis is a disease affecting the joints and are usually characterised by swelling, pain and stiffness in the affected joint. They can be varying in intensity and the symptoms might come and go. The symptoms could worsen with increase in age. Also, severe arthritis causes serious restrictions in mobility.

Prolonged or severe arthritis can cause permanent changes to joints such as knobbly fingers and so on. Some kinds are known to affect organs such as eyes, lungs and heart in addition to joints. The manifestation of arthritis varies with their intensity and type.

Different Types of arthritis

Arthritis are of different types such as degenerative arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, infectious arthritis, metabolic arthritis and so on. Degenerative arthritis such as osteoarthritis is caused due to the wear and damage of cartilages. They can cause severe symptoms and these can be managed with the help of joint replacement.

Inflammatory arthritis, often a product of our autoimmune system gone wrong can be managed with drugs and other advanced treatment procedure. Infectious arthritis are triggered by the presence of virus or bacteria in the joints while metabolic arthritis is caused due to the excess of uric acid production.

Managing Arthritis

Arthritis can be managed by the assistance of a skilled orthopaedic surgeon with the help of treatments including medication or surgery. Joint replacement surgeries are popular today for their effectiveness in restoring the quality of life.

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